Riverstone Project





In association with the residents, Maroon Council of Elders, Youth Council and the Deputy Colonel and Colonel of Accompong Town we would like to introduce you to a fun and inexpensive way to make a huge difference in the lives and futures of the youth of Jamaica dubbed “The Riverstone Project”.



The name came from the round, flat stones found in river beds around Jamaica which can magically be transformed into an inexpensive canvas upon which culturally significant symbols of the Maroon Heritage are painted and ultimately sold to visitors with all the proceeds of the sale going directly to the youth who paint these creations.



 This program accomplishes three goals; develops artistic self-confidence, preserves the Culture by educating both the student and the visitor and (most importantly) provides some monetary return to the students while teaching the values of entrepreneurship.  The instructor this year is Penny Moyles who helped develop the concept and program..



All donations will be used to purchase the necessary paint, brushes and  materials used for this project.  Also shipping cost, customs duties, transportation expenses, housing, classroom and storage space.   All classroom  instruction is being donated.   If you possess creative abilities and would like to become one of our instructors or would just like to help in some way, please email us at riverstoneproject@jamaicanmaroons.com   for more information.

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